Labor Day Weekend 2009

The 140 characters on Twitter just couldn’t contain the inkling of what transpired this weekend.

Friday night was a dual birthday celebration at The Griffin in Los Felix for Char and Grace. Both the celebrants were tanked beyond belief by the end of the night, and we had a few drinks ourselves. We discovered an ally in the good fight against Reality B. That was definitely the highlight. The hangover the next day, not so much.

Saturday was a run to Anaheim to pick up our race packets for Sunday’s Disneyland Half Marathon. Just getting to Anaheim proved adventurous. I was so out of focus that the signs leading to Disneyland were properly read, but didn’t register.

Byong: We passed the 5 freeway.
Me: We did.
Byong: Ok. We should take the 57.
Me: Sure.

The 57 interchange is within a few hundred yards of us. I haven’t changed lanes yet.

Byong: There’s the 57.
Me: Ok.
Byong: Dude! There’s the 57.
Me: Ah shit.

Quick swerve and lane change, and we barely make it. I swear, I’ve driven better and with more focus whilst drunk.

So, we pick up our race packets, then head to Hermosa Beach, but not until after we try Five Guys Burgers. I decided to go all out and get the Bacon Cheeseburger and a Bacon Hotdog, Fries, and a drink.

Hermosa was fine. Byong got sand kicked into his face, then we headed back to Anaheim.

We crashed at the Motel 6 with Lauren, Frenchie, and Carlos. A few beers into the night, and after 1am, we all finally crash. A little over 3 hours later, we wake up to do the 1/2 Marathon. We miss the last shuttle and walk the 1.5 miles to the start. The run itself was great, and a lot of fun. The course took us through Disneyland, through crappy corporate parks in Anaheim, through the Honda Center’s parking lot, into Angels Stadium on the field by home plate, then back into Disneyland, ending near downtown Disney. Byong, Marv, Calvin, Lauren and I crossed the finish line in a flying V formation, which was badass. We walked back to the hotel, where Marv, Byong, Lauren, Carlos, Frenchie, Mary, John and I just lounged at the pool for a few hours, had pizza delivered, had a few beers and unwound. Great way to end the day. Or was it?

Then, last night, in which I was just gonna stay in and watch movies, we ended up in Pasadena, then K-town for karaoke. We rocked out like you wouldn’t believe. We ended at Norm’s in which I nearly died laughing. Which I attribute to the extreme soreness in my abs right now. The night ended at 6am this morning. And I seriously feel like I’ve been hit by a semi.

So, thus ends our Labor Day Weekend. That is, unless more madness continues tonight… Damn…

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