Fitness Hurts. HIIT Max, Day 3

Oy it hurts. My abs have been sore since Monday night from the first set of ab workouts. They don’t call it “core” for nothing. A strong core makes your workouts better. It promotes good posture, proper form, less pain. I don’t have a strong core.

Today’s main workout consisted of

Power Jack for 15 seconds
Rest for 1 minute
Mountain Climber for 15 seconds
Alternating Lunges for 1 minute

Again, like all these workouts, this set is repeated 6 times.

I tried doing the lunges with 15lb dumbells. Yeah, it’s hard. My knee issues didn’t help, but, without dipping so deep, and making sure my knees didn’t go beyond my toes, I managed to not collapse in agony. Of the 6 sets, I did 2 with the weights. As I progress I hope to do more, with heavier weights.

The sweat today was pretty substantial. Seriously, dripping and in need of a new shirt. About 35 minutes on a trainer/spin amount of sweat. It was gross/awesome.

Then came the killer: the ab workout. Going down the list, today was #3, and it consisted of

Rolling Plank for 1 minute
Rest for 30 seconds
Leg Scissors for 1 minute
Rest for 20 seconds

Repeat 2-3 times. I did it 3 times, but aside from the first one, I wasn’t able to keep the assigned times. Holy crap do my abs hurt. Under all the blubber are muscles and they’re screaming. A surprising amount of soreness is in my hips. Not the bones, but the muscles right up in the front. It’ll make tomorrow’s core work pretty interesting.

I can’t iterate again how much I’m enjoying this. I seriously feel like I’m getting a great cardio workout in a quarter the time that I usually commit. I still intend to get back on the saddle, as my 2015 fitness plan was to be in awesome shape by my birthday, which is on Sunday, and I think I’ve gained weight so, yeah.