Still Attempting Fitness. HIIT Max, Day 2, Abs 2

Today is supposed to be a Zone 1 day, where I walk/run/bike/swim. One of those. I’ve done none. I did do the ab workout today, HIIT Abs 2, which is comprised of:

Bicycle for 30 seconds.
Rest for 30 seconds
Situp V for 1 minute
Rest for 20 seconds
Spiderman Climbs for 30 seconds
Rest for 30 seconds
Plank until fail.

Considering how sore my abs are from yesterday, I’m surprised I got through one set in it’s entirety. The remaining two looked like Frodo trying to get up the side of Mount Doom, just without all the fun. I finished the sets. Ish. But hey, I tried. I then foam rolled my ham strings and my glutes, and that shit hurt too. You don’t realize how much core strength you’re using to foam roll, until you have no core strength to foam roll…

Tomorrow is Wednesday. In case you forget. It’s Day 3, and there’s a whole new set of cardio and more ab work! Wooooo!

Oh, I took my first ever mirror selfie today, since I keep forgetting Melissa to take pictures of me for my before and afters. And yeah, I’m embarrassed at myself. Hopefully the Afters will make me not give a shit…